How To Join

Initiation Process

  • The American Communist Party operates on a point system.

  • In order for prospects to be eligible for membership, they must earn 25 points.

  • If a prospect is NOT of working class background, they must earn 50 points if they're of petit-bourgeois (Upper Middle Class) origin.  If a prospect is of bourgeois (Wealthy) origin, they must earn 75 points.

  • Working Class prospects must earn 10 Theoretical Points, and 15 Practice Points. 

  • Petit-Bourgeois prospects must earn 20 Theoretical Points, and 30 Practice Points.

  • Bourgeois prospects must earn 30 Theoretical Points, and 45 Practice Points.

Theoretical Points

Theoretical Points involve reading & creating theory. All prospects must choose from the mandatory party reading list and pass tests based on such literature.

Practice Points

Practice Points involve organizing events and serving the masses. It can range from organizing protests & reading groups to building community gardens & co-operatives. 

Why the Point System?

In order to create genuine comrades and genuine cadre, we find that a point system is most effective at preventing a finger-pointing they-say environment and to guarantee those in leadership positions are there because the position was earned through integrity and not clout.