Ten Point Program

1. We want self determination for the

People’s Federation of America,

Puerto Rico, Hawaii, New Afrika,

and the Chicanx nation.

The American motherland will not be free

from the fascist United States until

New Afrika, Puerto Rico, Aztlan,

and Hawaii achieve independence.

2. We want full employment.

Capitalists intentionally create

unemployment to keep people

working for less. We want the full

value of our labor.

3. We want an end to capitalism.

The same economic system which has 

led the United States into

 becoming an empire is now reducing the United

States into a colonial puppet for

multinational corporations.

4. We want decent modern housing.

Landlords hold society hostage with

subpar real estate. We want to own

our own property under cooperative


5. We want working class education.

The education (or lack of) we receive is an

indoctrination program designed to

benefit the ruling classes. We want

education based on our working

class history and values.

6. We want full exemption from the


While the Pentagon has wasted the

national treasury in oppressing the

people of the world, our working

classes have been forced to

militarize in the form of criminal

enterprise to provide daily bread. We

want a complete end of the slaughter

of working class men and women

both abroad and on the streets.

7. We want an immediate end to police

brutality and demilitarization of law


The police have specifically targeted

black, brown, and impoverished

white people to protect property of

the rich.

8. We want freedom for all nonviolent


The prison system is a continuation of the

plantation in which working class

men and women are leased out as

property to work for private

businesses. We demand a complete

emancipation of all prisoners except

serial killers, rapists, and child


9. We want self trial.

We demand the right to punish our own

offenders in our community without

the assistance of the fascist United

States government.

10. We want land, food, water,

shelter, sanitation, and safety.

The capitalist method of property and

plunder has caused irreparable

damage to our communities, nation,

world, and ecosystems. We want a

humane future where human beings

live as such and not as workhorses in

a rat race.